Which Sign is Perfect For Your Business?

It’s indisputable that reputable, high quality signage is a valuable tool for marketing and branding your business. More than just an identification of your business name and logo, a sign is a way to catch people’s attention, providing information that is important to them in just one glance. As a connection between your offline and growing online business, signs can communicate whatever you want to prospective consumers.

There are many UK business sign options for your operation today, including banners, fabric signs, exhibition displays, printed materials, flags, and more. With such an extensive selection, you are probably asking yourself: which sign is perfect for my business? Do I want more than one?

We are going to go through the most popular sign options and what they are commonly used for today:

1. Fabric Signs

These types of signs can be colorful and unique, embodying a totally original design in its display. Although they are a more cost-effective solution than vinyl, they do require more upkeep, which means additional costs could come in the future.  Pliable in nature, fabric signs have more movement, making them a popular selection for creative brands today.

2. Banners

Banners are less about helping with a permanent sign solution, and more about advertising special events or offerings. Many car dealerships, grocery stores, home appliance centers, and more will use banners to let everyone know about a special deal or discount at any given time. Large in nature, they are designed to be comprehensible from a long distance away.

3. Indoor Displays

Camping and outdoorsy companies need to have displays up at all times within their operation. People want to experience the products and see them in action before making the purchase. Indoor displays provide easy classification and identification for displays and products. Consumers are busy today – they don’t want to circle your store 18 times before finding a sign that points them in the right direction.

4. Pavement Signs

For the boutiques and cafes that may not own the whole building or property, pavement signs are a great way to direct foot traffic into the location. It’s common to advertise logos and business names, as well as menus and other types of specialties that can be found inside the participating store.

Additionally, it’s worth considering flags, printed material, rigid signage, and roller banners for acquiring the kind of UK signage that best suits your business’ outreach aspirations.

Despite the fast-paced hustle we all have to keep today, our eyes still notice quality signage near and far to our person. Using bright colors, crisp printing, and creative designs, signs can make or break a business, providing the first impression to consumers and those passing by. Here at Showcase Designs, we work hard to identify which signs are right for your operation, recommending selections that will complement your layout and storefront.